Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Teacher from Lisbon, Portugal


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I was given pictures of a dog and I had to visualize the dog in this position (as described by client), from four different views. My drawings were then sent to a sculptor who developed the mascot design: *** Foram-me dadas fotografias de um cão e eu tive que visualizar o cão nesta posição de quatro vistas diferentes (tal como descrito pelo cliente). Os meus desenhos foram depois enviados a um escultor que desenvolveu o design da

For an university work, I was asked to design a pattern. I then thought about using a detail of one of my paintings to make it. For such a work, you need to focus on the center of the square. So I drew the center. Then I put each drawing on the opposite side of the square so I could have the edges. I then created the rest of the drawing and tested how it would look

Illustrations done for text divisors of a website: | Ilustrações feitas para divisores de texto de um website: Things that moved us Random Reclaiming Algebra Modelling Lines of Inquiry Projects Prototypes Administrivia Circles Sounds Sights Meditations on our mission

Civi Mascot frog designed for Celestial Voyagers website as asked by client. Client had a different frog in sketch and we ended up agreeing on developing a girly frog in the end. Watercolor and ink on paper. *** Desenvolvimento de personagem – um sapo chamado CIVI para o website Celestial voyagers, tal como pedido pelo cliente. A cliente começou por ter um sapo diferente em mente, mais masculino, mas no fim decidimos fazer uma sapa