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    I want to start making videos for YouTube. I want to show you how I work and how I create these images. Please subscribe to my channel, I'll update it soon: https://www.youtube.com/user/CatarinaGarciaArtes/videos I'm also finally building my own website: https://catarinagarciaart.com *** Quero começar a fazer videos para o Youtube, quero mostrar e explicar como faço todo este trabalho. Com o tempo irei reconstruir o meu canal, subscrevam!: https://www.youtube.com/user/CatarinaGarciaArtes/videos Também estou finalmente a construir o meu website: https://catarinagarciaart.com  

 This is a painting in progress.I used to test several creative solutions while using Photoshop and an intuos wacom tablet for desktop. But now with these new tablets, I can just take a picture of my paintings at home and then sketch several creative solutions on top of the pictures of the paintings anywhere outside. It's very practical and it helps me a lot. My painting work is mostly based on creating creative compositions right

This was a test illustration for a children's book I was invited to illustrate. In the end I didn't get to illustrate the book because the writer was looking for something completely different than what I usually do so we decided it was better for the writer to find another illustrator.However, I really liked to test my creativity with this illustration.***Esta foi uma ilustração teste que fiz para um livro de ilustração infantil ao qual