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hero image 2 infoproducts available growth of client's businesses konversion method icon icon icon icon konversion manifesto hero image 1 Several images that I developed to illustrate the website konversionwizards.com. The first two are the hero images (desktop and mobile); and

Mixed media on paper; 25 cm x 34 cm, 2022 Study for painting; Photoshop Final work and respective study. Mixed media on paper; 25 cm x 34 cm, 2022 *** Trabalho final e respetivo

New drawing composition and its previous study *** Novo desenho de composição e o seu respetivo estudo. A Ana Eme criou uma poesia sobre este trabalho. Pode ler aqui: Dançavam o Ivo e a

I was given pictures of a dog and I had to visualize the dog in this position (as described by client), from four different views. My drawings were then sent