Catarina Garcia Artist. Printmaker. Illustrator. Graphic Designer. Teacher.

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I was given pictures of a dog and I had to visualize the dog in this position (as described by client), from four different views. My drawings were then sent to a sculptor who developed the mascot design: *** Foram-me dadas fotografias de um cão e eu tive que visualizar o cão nesta posição de quatro vistas diferentes (tal como descrito pelo cliente). Os meus desenhos foram depois enviados a um escultor que desenvolveu o design da

For an university work, I was asked to design a pattern. I then thought about using a detail of one of my paintings to make it. For such a work, you need to focus on the center of the square. So I drew the center. Then I put each drawing on the opposite side of the square so I could have the edges. I then created the rest of the drawing and tested how it would look

Illustrations done for text divisors of a website: | Ilustrações feitas para divisores de texto de um website: Things that moved us Random Reclaiming Algebra Modelling Lines of Inquiry Projects Prototypes Administrivia Circles Sounds Sights Meditations on our mission