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Some of the artworks presented in this website are available for purchase. Please message me for details.
We can use an Escrow service for secure payment or you can pay through my Etsy Shop (please read the reviews):
Etsy Shop

Freelance Services:
I work as an illustrator as well. You can pay me through an Escrow service, or you can hire me through the following websites:

Fine Art Prints:
I use the Saatchi Art website to sell high quality prints of my Fine Art Personal work. In case you’re interested, I plan on buying a professional camera in a couple of months to take better pictures of my work. So, it may be better to wait:
Saatchi Profile

Merchandise and Homemade Prints:
I use my Etsy shop to sell ballerinas – originals and prints, musicians prints and other artwork. I use society6 shop to sell several products with reproductions of some of my commercial work:
Etsy Shop

Image Licenses:

With exception of my Fine Arts work, some of the image licenses, are available for purchase (personal use and commercial use).
I don’t sell them, however, to individuals or companies who are using them to support pornography, religious cults, animal cruelty, human slavery, environmental destruction, and harmful toxic products.


All the help is welcome!
I need to rent a studio and buy expensive materials, such as linen canvases, in order to be more productive and also produce the highest quality work possible!
I also need to buy technical equipment to take quality photographs of my artwork and produce quality videos. If interested, please donate through this account, I will be eternally grateful to you!
Pay pal